The Pursuit

Greatness, a measure determined by those who came before, requires personal transcendence; you must eclipse the limits of your mind. In training you are offered the physical and mental space to be creative; with disciplined practice, this space impacts the everyday, training helps to rationalise and overcome the rigours of life. The Pursuit is an exploration into how training impacts the lives of our people.

Benedict Browne is a fashion stylist, journalist and consultant whose work over the last decade has seen him travel the world, partnering up with some of the industry's leading publications, brands and individuals.

Working with organisations like Mr Porter, Robb Report and the Gentleman’s Journal, Benedict is at the top of his craft. To fuel the drive for his work, Benedict turned to boxing. He explains, "Training gives me mental clarity, realignment." And states “you should never believe you are the smartest, strongest or fittest in the room. Be respectful and don't half-arse things”

“I train because I have to, It's a deeply ingrained, non-negotiable habit of mine. I can't start the working day without doing something – be it strength & conditioning, running, HYROX and, of course, boxing”

Benedict got into boxing eight years ago, as a new challenge, and a way to keep himself distracted - he became instantly hooked he explains “You recognise progression easily (which is very rewarding), and in every session, you're pushed to your limits. Then, there's the channelling of aggression or frustration, which is needed in this day and age! I haven't lost a fight yet, and that's motivating. There's no greater feeling than getting your hand raised after eight to 12 weeks of camp”.