The Innovation

There is something uniquely special about being able to create.
Unearthing creativity is at the forefront of what we stand for.
Sportswear talks more to commerciality than creativity these days,
and our mission is to change that. We want to provide a platform in
which you can voice your ideas, share your views and unleash your
creative mindset.

Creativity Fuels

Progressive innovation forms one of our core values. In order to
innovate we must adopt an open-mind and search for ideas and
answers outside our everyday thinking. The Innovation Programme
aims to support this. It has been designed to give people the
opportunity to help influence the design of our product, through
initial concept all the way through to fabric selection and beyond.


We're only as good as our ideas. The Programme gives you the platform to tell us what you think is missing from the industry and what you'd like to see created.


The stage where the real creativity starts. Share input on product design, features, fabric choices, and even colour palette.


Have the opportunity to wear test the product you helped conceptualise. Provide your feedback on fit, function, design and any final changes to be made before it goes into production.

Innovation Programme submissions will be reviewed by the Torsa
team and selected based on applicants answers to the below
questionnaire. We are looking for people who share our values as a
brand, but also challenge our thinking when it comes to design. This
leads to unearthing new ideas, innovative concepts and ultimately
building a better product.

Applicants for the first round of Innovation Programme members
have now been selected, but submissions will remain open for future
inductions. Please fill out the below questionnaire for a chance to
become part of the Torsa team. If you have any questions, please
reach out at

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