Torsa in Selfridges

Explore the reasoning behind partnering with London's most prestigious department store.
July 21, 2022

Why we partnered with Selfridges

Steeped in heritage and prestige, Selfridges has long been the pinnacle of department store retail in London. The truly spectacular architecture of the 540,000 square feet building is home to the most well-known brands across fashion, footwear and other various other departments. Located on the busiest street in London, it attracts tourists, roamers, browsers and everything in-between. A melting pot of luxury brands, high-end niche brands and new up and coming brands, and the legendary Selfridges food hall, it has something for everyone.

Our story dates back to mid-2021, when we get a message from the sportswear buyer there. At that time, we weren’t planning on going wholesale, but an opportunity to showcase our collection at such sought-after location was too hard to pass up. Having met with the buyer, he loved the product, the story and our vision, and wanted to take it on. Not being able to fulfil the order with our current levels of inventory, this meant investing in another round of production with our manufacturer in Portugal. A whirlwind six months followed; organising fabrics from Japan, Italy, Spain with new regulations around Brexit, and rising fuel prices. This, coupled with resampling with a new factory and the introduction of new colours, resulted in a stressful six months. However, with a May 31st delivery deadline, we successfully delivered our core collection, 3 days before the cut-off.

The touch and feel element

Brick and mortar allow for people to go and experience the product first hand. We saw this as a critical part of working with Selfridges on this. It’s hard to present the value of the product through digital means, we’ve done as much as we can through our product pictures, descriptions and campaigns, but a physical rail gives a real sense of value in product.

This allows people to interact with the fabric, see the details, try on the products, and see how they fit. A lot of time and effort developing the core collection was around fabric, so Selfridges felt like the perfect opportunity to get as many people interacting with the product as possible. 

Fitting in with the Selfridges Mens department

As a young brand, it’s both an overwhelming and exciting prospect to be involved with such a globally recognised retailer. With the Selfridges mens department stocking well over 500 brands, the sportswear department is still very new, still cementing its place in the store.

There are just a handful of sportswear brands to choose from so being chosen as one of them feels extra special. We’re, of course, still a very young brand, that doesn’t have the recognition that other bigger brands might have. That might put us on the backfoot, but we’re delighted to offer our current customers, and many new potential customers the opportunity to learn more about the brand.

How to shop?

Within a couple of weeks, we should be hitting their .com site, but if you want to shop our core collection in person, you can find us on their Selfridges mens floor (1st floor), opposite Offspring Selfridges.

Selfridges 400 Oxford St London W1A 1AB

Final note

It’s been a very busy 6 months working and fulfilling this order. This has taken time away from design and development of new product, but keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks, as we launch new colours in core styles. For the remainder of the year, our focus is designing, developing and sampling new product to bring to the market. We want to take you behind-the-scenes of that journey so sign up to our newsletter for an insight into design and development.

With fabric showrooms opening up, as well as trips manufacturer trips in Portugal, it’s going to be a lot easier working on new product. We’re excited to bring you new styles and technologies in our quest to become the best premium sportswear brand in the world.

Also, we are now fully restocked on our site, so if you're keen to shop the core collection without having to leave the comfort of your home, you can shop here

A huge thank you for your continued support and keep making moves.