The Simple Beauty of a Grey Half Zip Sweatshirt

The half zip sweatshirt is our signature second layer. Find out more about its inspiration, function and craft.


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The sweatshirt has this knack of quickly becoming a favourite piece in your wardrobe. The feeling of putting on a sweatshirt after a long day at work will never get old. It’s comforting, relaxing and feels like home. But why does a simple grey sweatshirt make it into our core collection of activewear essentials?

On the surface, a half zip sweatshirt doesn’t normally jump out as a staple activewear piece, but things are changing.


grey half zip sweatshirt


Activewear has a new meaning


There’s no doubt that over the last few years, activewear has become less associated with clothes solely for training and running, and more for everyday life. There’s been a shift in consumer thinking and behaviour, many people opting for activewear for lazy Sunday brunches, trips to the cafe, and for travel. People want to be comfortable but look smart, and there are a few new-wave activewear brands supporting that lifestyle. A half zip sweatshirt is one of those styles that transitions seamlessly from training to everyday life. 

half zip sweatshirt



A grey half zip sweatshirt, but different 


When we mention that a half zip sweatshirt is good for training, we must note that not all are. In fact, not many are. As an activewear brand, function is always the first thing we turn to. Product for purpose is something we continuously strive for, and we won’t release a product if it doesn’t serve its intended purpose. When we first looked at the sweatshirt, we knew we wanted something made of technical fabric that could support training and transition. This isn’t designed to support you through your bulk training session, but instead the in-between moments.  


We turned to Pontetorto, a leading Italian mill rich with history, heritage, but more than anything, innovation. We’ve mentioned the fabric a number of times through previous articles­­; a double woven polyamide blend fabric with elastane, which moves seamlessly with the body. This soft hand feel and added stretch makes it perfect for trips to-and-from the gym, warm ups and also for comfort after the gym. 



Portuguese craft

Our Ace half zip sweatshirt, like all our products, are manufactured in Portugal, just north of Porto. Recently, we brought on a fantastic new manufacturing partner, that we visited toward the tail end of last year. Portuguese manufacturing has long been known for its quality, especially in premium sportswear. With expertise and vast experience working with technical fabrics, our partners have the garment makers and technicians to support our goal of building the most technical, and highest quality sportswear on the market.

Portuguese manufacturing


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