Introducing the Loki Performance Cap

August 20, 2022

The Loki 

Toward the beginning of last year, I was connected with a very talented designer who at the time was based in Stockholm. Timing was good. He was coming to the end of his contract with a brand out there, and undeterred by the prospect of working remotely (this was COVID times), we set on the path to create a few new styles, most of which are ongoing.

One of those styles, however, has made its way through the development stage and ended up at our doorstep. The long-awaited performance cap, named Loki, is our first venture into the world of performance accessories.

Daniel and I shared a spookily similar view on design, and he immediately bought into our concept of Shibui. It’s been mentioned before, but Shibui is a Japanese principle which we lean on to inform our design decisions. The concept refers to objects that appear simple of the surface, but are balanced by complexity through things like texture or detail. The Japanese aesthetic of Shibui draws upon silent, subtle and unobtrusive qualities. The elements of the Loki have been thought out to play into this quietness.

As a performance brand, we looked at ways the cap would be worn. Daniel considered a fastening that could work just as well on the bench in the gym, as it would on an early morning run. This informed our decision to offset the bungee, ensuring that lying down on the bench would cause no discomfort, whilst pulling the bungee to tighten whilst out running was equally as effortless. We looked at the cap as something that you can forget you’re even wearing, yet still supports you through your workout, or day-to-day living.


Fabric through the fold

There’s no doubt that we hold fabric in the highest regard. It’s the cornerstone of product for us. The feel, the function, the overall aesthetic. For the Loki, we worked with Gruppo Cinque, a technical Italian mill just south of the beautiful city of Como. The lightweight fabric has a beautiful depth of colour, that differs depending on light. It’s also water repellent, guarding you against rain and wind when Winter finally arrives. 



Subtle touches

Continuing on with our approach of having no exterior brand logo, we opted for subtle touches to stamp our identity on the Loki. This shows up mainly through the lilac bungee, the colour which can be seen dotted through trims across our whole collection, but made famous through our signature performance t-shirt.


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