A Transparent Supply Chain

A transparent supply chain is key to gaining trust. We share our current partners and why we chose to work with them.
July 21, 2022

Our Mission and Transparency Commitment 

We started Torsa to inspire people to never give up in the pursuit of greatness. Greatness can come in many forms, but we believe training has the ability to shape how we think, create and ultimately impact the world.

Running a small business certainly has its challenges. We are competing with brands that have far higher budgets across all departments, and trying to capture customers who are understandably loyal to their trusted brands.  We believe earning the trust of our customer will go a long way to establishing ourselves in the premium sportswear market.

We believe trust is gained through creating a product that lives up to its purpose, as well as providing a level of service unmatched within the industry. Importantly to us, it also comes down to transparency. We are proud of the product we have produced, and the concept for Torsa Studios was to give you an insight into how things go from concept to execution, and that includes who we work with along the way.

For our Core Collection, we worked with five highly respected fabric mills in the performance textile industry, and we wanted to give you a brief introduction to them.


Toyota Gelanots, Japan

Based in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, Toyota Gelanots are world renowned for their functional fabrics. Specializing in highly technical fabrics for the outdoor and sportswear market, they push boundaries when it comes to fabric innovation, always searching for new ways to do things. With a special focus on membranes and fabric coatings, they are committed to living up to the craftsmanship that Japan is known for. We partnered with them to help push us to adopt the same mindset when it comes to innovation, and you'll find their fabric used for our Wolf Training Pant.

Labtex, Taiwan

Labtex was founded in 1997 in a small office outside Taipei City. Its constant innovation and commitment to sustainability has seen it fast become one of the leading suppliers of performance woven fabrics in the Far East. It has been bluesign® approved for over 10 years, and is also certified by the Global Recycled Standard. We worked with them to source a 2-way stretch lightweight fabric that can be found in our Colt Performance Short.

Pontetorto, Italy

Founded in 1952, Italian supplier Pontetorto is steeped in heritage. In 1985, it became the first mill in Europe to develop pile fleece for the activewear market. Further innovations followed and Pontetorto has established itself as an innovation leader in the market. Always one to pursue sustainability, they installed a photovoltaic panel system at the plant that makes Pontetorto 95% self-sufficient energy-wise. We sourced a double-weave knit from them that can be found in our Ace ½ Zip Sweatshirt

Sportwear Argentona, Spain

Founded in 1997 and based 40 minutes outside of Barcelona, Sportwear Argentona (not Sportswear, I promise) have quickly built a reputation for becoming a leader in technical fabric innovation, with speciality in synthetic fibres. Supplying some of the top cycling brands on the market, we managed to source a mesh fabric which worked perfectly for our high-performance t-shirt. Our Onyx T-Shirt weighs just 100g and offers complete coverage, not easy at that weight.

Global Merino, California, US

Although headquartered in California, most of Global Merino’s operations are conducted in New Zealand. It is here that they are constantly building new relationships, and strengthening current ones, with local farmers to source the world’s best merino wool.

A complete transparent supply chain paired with the leading standards in ethical wool sourcing, Global Merino are the perfect partner for our values and design vision. We spoke recently about our guide to creating the ultimate base layer, but you can take a closer look at the Merino we used for the Otis on the product page.


Currently, we work with just one partner in manufacturing our product. Located in the heart of Barcelos, 30 minutes outside of Porto, Malhas Sonix have established themselves as one of the most successful manufacturers in the region. Their industry knowledge and relentless pursuit of constant innovation was the perfect match in helping us develop our first collection.  With huge capabilities in-house including a dye lab, in-house design team and access to the best machinery, they provide the level of service that aligned with our brand values. Incredibly, they were also the first company in Portugal to be awarded the STeP by OEKO-TEX® certificate for its Sustainable Textile Production. With nearly 60 years of experience, we hope to continue pushing boundaries together in the pursuit of a truly innovative product.

As we grow, we will work with more fabric mills, more partners, and more people. We are committed to sharing those connections as they materialise with the intention of committing to a complete transparent supply chain in the future.