Welcome to Torsa Studios

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of our product


Sebastian Beasant

Hi and thanks for stopping by. Welcome to Torsa Studios; a platform dedicated to the design and development of our product. Our mission for Torsa is to inspire people to never give up in the pursuit of greatness. I believe training has the ability to inspire how we think, create, and ultimately impact the world. We take a lot of pride over the creation of our product, and I have been lucky to work with some incredibly talented people along the way to help make that happen.

Creating functional garments is a unique process, and we want to offer you an insight into that journey. From when an idea is first conceptualised, that idea undergoes a series of stages before it is finally ready for launch.

The Core Collection was built over the span of 4 years, from initial concept to execution. This time involved a series of discovery, problem-solving, testing and decision-making. For me personally, it was a humbling learning experience and a fascinating introduction into building a product. We want to provide a behind-the-scenes look into that process, and an insight into why we made the decisions we did.


To get you started, our first Torsa Studios article explores our decision-making process for manufacturing in Portugal. You can access that article below.

1. Manufacturing in Portugal


For some brand related content, I have also listed some resources that we have built over the last few months, offering you some educational, and hopefully useful content that you can take away.


1. Merino Wool Guide


2. Winter Training Guide


3. Oct/Nov Playbook


4. Lockdown Training Programme