The Story of the Onyx

With our signature performance t-shirt restocked, we touch on what makes the Onyx so unique


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The Onyx Performance T-Shirt

Our signature t-shirt is back. After some customs issues delaying its arrival by a couple of months, the lilac Onyx has finally landed in our warehouse. We’re delighted to have our best-selling t-shirt back in stock, which has somewhat become our flagship product.

The t-shirt is an essential piece of the athletic wardrobe, and even though it appears simple, it’s one of the hardest things to get right. There’s no hiding when it comes to a t-shirt­­––fundamentally, it has to function, fit well and be comfortable. It comes down to finding the right combination of fabric, construction techniques and measurements to bring these all together.


Innovation in Fabric

As a business, we pride ourselves on product innovation. It’s what drives us every day––the tireless quest to create value for our customers through what we develop. For the Onyx, the fabric, or more so, the dyeing of the fabric is how we made something completely unique to the industry.

Sublimation, the process of digitally printing a colour onto a fabric. This, in itself, isn’t new. However, what we found is that using this technique was the difference between see-through and not. In our sourcing stage, the featherweight fabric we landed on for the Onyx was everything we wanted it to be; light, breathable, comfortable, good amount of stretch. However, during the dyeing process, the nature of its mesh fabric meant that the fabric became sheer when we dyed the yarn. Our designer suggested sublimation, having experimented with it with her time at Rapha, accompanied with a very honest “sometimes, sublimation looks cheap.” Nonetheless, we gave it a go, and it worked out absolutely perfectly. The colour was crisp, the technical properties remained intact, and most importantly, it eliminated all sheerness, but none of the breathability. 


Lilac, Our Signature

Although we don’t see Torsa being defined by a colour, the lilac has definitely become somewhat of a signature of ours. It can be seen frequently throughout our Core Collection through trims and marketing collateral. We honestly weren’t sure how well it would be received, but it has become our best-selling product. I think it defines the Torsa athlete, like Forbes said, "it champions the idea of expression, taking risks in the pursuit of greatness."

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