The Results of the Colt Colour Project

We share the results of the Colt colour contest and discuss what's next for the style's development.


Torsa Studios

A few weeks ago, we launched the Colt colour contest. The short is the foundation for a great training wardrobe and we've seen a great response and feedback for the Colt since its launch. Introducing a new colour was the first logical step to pushing the style further.

Below you’ll see the results from the survey and a huge thank you for those who entered.

colt short
torsa colt short
colt colour

So, there you have it. Black is the colour of choice. There’s no doubting its versatility and we’re excited to move it forward to the next stage of development. We have already ordered lab dips for both black and stormy weather (potential for the future), and will be reviewing the different shades when they come in. We’ll give you an insight into the lab dips when they arrive, and showcase the slight variations they have, even with black!

With that said, there are still elements of the Colt which remain undecided, namely the T-stitch thread and drawcord colours. We’ll work through our trim packs and colour cards to help bring the style together, and potentially run a contest for these elements as well.

We hope you’re excited for the black Colt short, but if black isn’t your thing, you can still shop the style in its current colours here.