The Reason I Train

Our founder Seb Beasant discusses the profound impact training has had on his life, searching for balance, and the inspiration for Torsa.


Sebastian Beasant

Growing up, I always loved sports. I played football at a pretty competitive level and in my early teens I was on the books of Southampton, and had trials with Chelsea and QPR. Simply though, I wasn’t good enough to make it as a professional at a high-level. I think I was fortunate enough that I realised that at an early age––it allowed me to pursue other things which I was passionate about, which is where my journey with training started.

Heading into university, well over 10 years ago now, I’m not sure I’d ever stepped foot in a gym. With my housemate at the time, and now best friend, we ventured into the unknown in search of something new and challenging.

The gym and training were different to football, in that, you’re not really born with genetic talent. Of course, some people are more athletic than others, but from a strength standpoint, everyone starts from a level playing field for the most part. I’m not sure I had clear goals entering for the first time, at that stage of my life, aesthetics definitely played a role. These goals have now drastically changed as I’ve got older, but more on that later.

What I found so rewarding about going to the gym was the progress I could see, both in the weights I lifted and the physical changes week after week. It became one of the few places where I could challenge myself physically and mentally, and on the way, learn and grow as a person.




Training for Balance

Following my studies and as I embarked on the real world, with roles dotted mainly amongst the fashion industry, I started to understand the training went much further than the physical benefits. A busy working life was often accompanied by a growing list of not-so-good habits and it was training that helped me restore the balance.

The gym became a refuge for me, somewhere I could go to challenge myself, but also stay disciplined for my pursuits outside of training.  It provided me with a mental clarity that enabled me to be more creative, driven and generally happier in my everyday life.

If the gym didn’t have this profound impact on me, I probably won’t have ever started Torsa. But it did. The brand was built out of my love of training, how it made me feel, and the impact it has on day-to-day life. It helped, and continues to help me through times, it pushes me to be better, and it makes me a happier, healthier human being.


Torsa – an Unmet Need

Away from training, I wanted to touch on why I started Torsa briefly. I regularly read and hear, “what problem is your business trying to solve?” This is often the starting point that many businesses look to before they jump into launching an idea. However, in apparel, it’s not so back and white. In all honestly, I was inspired to create a product that spoke to my Scandinavian heritage from a design stand-point, but equally added value to the person who wore it.  Training for me goes far deeper than the physical benefits, and I wanted to create a brand that inspires people in the way they feel, and how they live their life. 

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