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Our founder Seb sits down to discuss the motivation, functionality and design elements of the Ace and Wolf.


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Designed for transition, the Ace 1/2 Zip and Wolf Training Pant are unique in their own right. Read about the design, fabric and functionality of these two core styles.

Interview: Robin Clementson


RC: What was the motivation for each of the products, can you briefly describe each?

SB: I have always seen a track pant and sweatshirt as essential parts of a wardrobe. There’s something very comforting about coming home after a long day at work and throwing on a pair of track pants and a sweatshirt.

The motivation for the Ace and Wolf, like many of our products, was fusing function with comfort. It was really about finding the balance between creating something technical enough to be worn in the gym, but also understanding and appreciating it’s use outside of it.


RC: Obviously with performance-wear there is a focus on functionality, can you describe the fabric and purpose for each?

SB: Absolutely. Functionality is really at the core of our product design process and where we feel we add lots of value.

We designed the Wolf as a training trouser that can really support you through mid-intensity workouts, whether inside or outside of the gym. The fabric is a Japanese 4-way stretch which allows for complete range of movement and comfort. The outside of the fabric has been finished with a DWR (water-repellent) treatment that gives you protection against rain and wind. 

The Ace was designed for trips to-and-from the gym and warm-ups. It’s really that go-to piece for comfort and warmth on your way to the gym, and for coffee after. Again, it’s 4-way stretch allowing you to move seamlessly through your warm-up. It’s a unique piece dyed double woven fabric from Italy, which gives it this incredibly unique hand feel. 

RC: The silhouette is very clean and simple, can you explain why the Ace for example isn’t indulged a little more?

SB: I think this stems back to our vision on design as a whole. The Ace is very much a piece we designed for transition. Whether it’s the transition from warming up to actually working out, or transitioning from the gym to the café after your workout. It can really suit any environment, which I really like. Although it appears simple, the Ace is actually a really complex piece. One example is that we had to bond two pieces of the zipper guard together to reduce weight, which in turn helps the collar stay upright and prevent it from collapsing. There's also signature touches like our O-ring zipper puller from Lampo, a premium Italian supplier of hardware, that plays into our brand identity.



The Wolf track pant is pretty retro in fit and carries that beautifully subtle ’T’ branding, can you talk about the rules and the clean-lines of Scandinavian meets Japanese design?

SB: Being Swedish myself, I very much gravitated toward Scandi brands growing up. There is something beautifully simple about Scandinavian design, whether it’s apparel, branding or objects like furniture.  There’s also that bit of playfulness and expression which I like. Japan on the other hand has this incredible level of detail––beautifully designed product which is incredibly functional. Torsa aims to marry that Scandinavian aesthetic with the incredible Japanese quality and attention to detail.

The T-stitch on the Wolf speaks more to that playful Scandinavian aesthetic. It's consistent across all of the styles, used in different ways, but the message remains the same. For us, it acts as an identifier of pursuit, someone who uses training as a foundation for achieving their goals.


Is the purpose to have leisure-wear with these two pieces that can actually functionally work in an active setting as well as day-wear?

SB: Definitely. The way we go about designing product is always purposeful. We always want to design for its intended purpose, but having that carry-over into different settings is also an important aspect to consider. Through the pandemic, we’ve seen a greater emphasis put on our health, and with it, a huge growth in active, healthy living.  It’s meant people are now living in activewear more and more, whether they just want to be comfortable working from home, or walking to get coffee from the local café. The Ace and Wolf are definitely two styles that support this new way of living.


Are you going to evolve the two pieces further or launch new colour-ways?

SB: We’re definitely looking at new colourways in the future. Right now, we don’t have any plans to update the design of the Ace, but we love the fabric so we’re looking at using it in other ways.


With the tracksuit bottom category as a whole, we’ve been trialling some new lighter fabrics, with the intention of bringing more performance in a bid to support high-intensity workouts. Whether this new fabric will be used for the Wolf, or a completely new style, I am not too sure. We’re currently in testing with our manufacture in Portugal, so keep your eyes peeled.


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