Shooting Our Core Collection Campaign

Explore some behind-the-scenes imagery from our first campaign shot back in February last year.


Sebastian Beasant

Back in February 2020, a small team came together to shoot Torsa's Core Collection. The chosen location was the historic Crystal Palace Sports Centre that opened in 1964. It's rugged exterior and graphic elements provided the perfect backdrop for what we set out to create. The low morning sun peering through the stadium infrastructure onto the battered grandstand provided the perfect lighting for the day ahead.

Getting the light

Going against the typical hyper post-processed aesthetic seen in sportswear campaigns today, we wanted to truly capture what training actually is. Our aim is to build a brand that can be related to, authentic to the struggles and challenges life brings. Working out isn't often easy, and we wanted to capture the intensity and struggle of pushing the limits. To capture this look, we reached out to the super talented George Marshall. Having spent his early life photographing BMX riders, over the past decade, he has been commissioned by Rapha to shoot multiple campaigns across the world. His work is authentic and real, and he was the perfect photographer to capture the spirit of Torsa. You can check out his other work here.

Armed with multiple bits of camera equipment, George went about the stadium shooting incidentals that sparked his inspiration. As the light began to shine on the track and stadium seating, it was time to put our athlete through a workout in Torsa's Core Collection. 

The athlete, and now a close friend, Elliot Fletcher is someone who embodies Torsa's ethos. An ex-professional rugby player, he has an unparalleled dedication to fitness and a mindset fixed on continuous improvement. The brief from me to him was simple; push yourself to your limits as you would a normal workout. 


In the minutes and subsequent hours that followed, our Art Director Ben Fraser and I watched George capture Elliot through a series of exercises, movements and lifts. Seeing the product captured properly for the first time through the lens was an incredible experience, and a day that I would never forget.


A huge thank you to the team involved;

Photographer: George Marshall

Art Director: Ben Fraser

Athlete: Elliot Fletcher


You can check out the final shots from the campaign on our lookbook page