Manufacturing in Portugal

Why we chose Portugal as home for our production.


Sebastian Beasant

Sourcing a production partner is one of the most important things to a new business. You start with this creative vision for your product, but it’s only on paper until first samples are produced and arrive at your front door. It’s a unique journey of video calls, trips to different countries and in-person meetings and discussions, even before you produce your first sample.

Before I started Torsa, I knew that we wanted to create a premium product, that stayed true to my own values of building something to last. I turned to the labels of my favourite brands, that I knew and trusted and was consistently met with ‘Made in Portugal’ or ‘Made in Japan.’ The obvious choice, due to its proximity and affinity with the British language, was Portugal.



My first visit to the region came nearly 4 years ago, in which I had arranged to meet a handful of factories to present to them the brand, and discover the best fit for Torsa at that stage. My criteria was pretty simple; a manufacturer that would be able to deliver product of the highest quality whilst continually pushing the boundaries of innovation. The location; Barcelos, sat 30 minutes away from the seaside town of Porto.


There is something truly special about Portugal, whether it’s the friendly smiles from the locals in Barcelos, or the sea breeze which never seems too distant, it felt like home. With a heritage steeped in craftsmanship, the northern region of Portugal has become a hot spot for premium brands across Europe. The attention to detail mixed with its constant pursuit of innovation felt like the perfect recipe to move our product forward. Working with our Portuguese partner, we were able to explore lot of different avenues during the production stage; which involved plenty of problem solving and innovative techniques.


Having the chance to sit down and talk through the product in person was as invaluable part of the design and development process. This, coupled with our shared mindset when it came to innovation, I believe, led to a better end product.

Our commitment will be to continue to push our partner from a design standpoint, with a shared belief that innovation requires creativity, trial and error, and an open mind. Our relationship is firmly built on trust; the trust that we have for them in delivering a fantastic product, and the trust they have in us to grow as a company. We're super excited to share more of our journey with the factory when the team and I next visit.