Lab Dips and Progress Update

An update on the progress of the Colt Performance Short.


Torsa Studios

Last month we ran a survey asking what colour you'd like to see next in our best-selling Colt Performance Short. The overwhelming winner was black. A colour (although I am told is not a colour, rather an absence of light) which stands out for its versatility and simplistic nature, we're happy to pushing forward with its development. 

Part of the development stage involves a process called lab dips. A lab dip is when a dye house or colour lab dyes a few small swatches of your actual quality fabric or textile trim to find out what formula creates the best colour match for that quality. Even dyeing a colour like black will yield slightly different results, which you can see below. 

lab dips

Although tough to see digitally, there are slight nuances in the shades, and more importantly, the different formulas can also change aspects like colour-fastness, wicking ability and so on. We have chosen the formula that is the best performing in these tests.


A New Fabric

Through our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we're excited to announce that the new fabric is made up of recycled polyester, replacing the traditional polyester in the original fabric. The composition, hand-feel and performance remains the same, but we're delighted to work with Labtex in the development of this more sustainable option.

sustainable fabric
The Next Steps

The next decision for us is what colour we decide on our signature T-stitch. The T-Stitch is a fundamental mark in our Core Collection and embodies the Torsa ethos of pursuing greatness. Our current Colt Short has stayed consistent with lilac stitching, but we're open-minded to exploring other options. Have your say below.

Over the coming months, we'll dive into the Colt's development and production. We'll also be getting in touch with the winner of the new black Colt short in the coming weeks.

If black isn't for you, you can still shop our best-selling Colt in Navy and Iron Grey here.