5 Best Workout Accessories for Training


Sebastian Beasant

The best workout accessories for training

Getting the most of your workout comes down to your preparation. We’ve spoken about the need for proper programming and adhering to the basic principles to become a better athlete. Besides that, there are also tools you can use to maximise the effectiveness of your training.


Workout accessories are objects or tech that you can bring along with you to make your training more effective, whether it’s the ability to track your performance or simply recover from injury better. Improving as an athlete comes down to maximising the things you have control over.


Below is a list of 5 of our favourite workout accessories to get the most out of your next training session.





1. Whoop Band

With a mission to unlock human performance, the Whoop Band is revered by elite athletes around the world. The technology centres around the ability to track your HRV (heart rate variability), which, without diving into too much detail is the variation in the time interval between consecutive heartbeats in milliseconds. Those with a higher HRV are generally better at dealing with stress and research suggests that high HRV is generally considered an indicator of a healthy heart, and improved psychological well-being and quality of life.  


The Whoop Band’s ability to track heart rate in such depth allows it to monitor sleep, recovery and strain. It’s able to take that information and provide reports and analytics on that data, processing it into a simple interface which tells you the optimal time to train, how well you’ve recovered, what your deep sleep was and so on.


If you’re serious about your performance, or just an avid data tracker, the Whoop Band is one of our favourite tracking workout accessories.






2. Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Earbuds


We understand this comes down to preference, but if you’re training alone, the likelihood is that you’re going to enjoy it more with some of your favourite music wringing through your ears. Gyms can be hit and miss when it comes to music, and people’s tastes can be very specific. An elite level headphone is one of many workout accessories to help laser focus on training and help push you through your toughest sets.


We’re a fan of the Sennheiser True Wireless Earbuds. They have been tried and tested at Torsa HQ, offering incredible sound quality and noise cancellation.


Various research suggests that music can help sustain a workout through distraction, but more importantly, serotonin release. This chemical release heightens mood, offering an added incentive to push through those final exercises or sets and reps.


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3. Peanut Massage Ball

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a Theragun®, or equivalent, a very suitable alternative is the peanut ball. Recovery is essential to getting the most out of training and research suggests foam rolling or self-massage can have some major benefits to release tight muscles, aches and pains. What we love about the peanut ball is its ability to reach tight corners of certain joints, helping relieve pain in hard-to-reach places. Such a simple piece of kit, but one we can’t go without.


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4. Nike Metcon

Proper footwear is often overlooked when training. For runners, the correct footwear is usually far more important than the clothes they wear, and although training may not have the same demands as pounding the pavement does, proper footwear remains an important aspect of optimising performance. The Nike Metcon is a flat soled shoe which you’ll see spanning from gym floor to gym floor, and although it’s one of many weightlifting shoes, it’s our personal favourite.

The rigid flat sole makes it ideal for stabilisation and therefore perfect for performing exercises under load, such as a squat, Romanian deadlift and reverse lunges. It enables you to work from a solid foundation, without concern for rolling an ankle or struggling for balance. 



5. Resistance Bands

A useful inexpensive tool that are a great addition to your training kit. Resistance bands recruit the stabilizer muscles, which is a group of muscles that support the larger muscles and joints when we move. Working these muscles through resistance band training can reduce the risk of injury, an ideal for rehab.

For more advanced athletes, these bands can be used for anti-rotation core exercises like the Pallof press, or even for speed work squats and deadlifts, promoting explosiveness and power.


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